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Estate Planning For Individuals, Couples And Domestic Partners

Client Centered

WEALTH VISION ADVISORS LLC® will coordinate with you and your attorney to establish and/or update your plan to preserve, manage and distribute your assets after your death, including in a manner that protects the interests of and financially sustains your spouse or partner while minimizing adverse tax consequences.  Taking the steps to create a comprehensive estate plan will provide you the increased confidence that comes from knowing you have planned for the distribution of your assets and provided for your loved ones.  With an estate plan, you can avoid the time and costs of probate, decide who receives your assets at death and determine the most effective and tax-sensitive way to distribute the assets to your heirs, including family, friends or charitable organizations.

<p>Why Everyone Needs an Estate Strategy</p>

Why Everyone Needs an Estate Strategy

Do you have an estate strategy? You should.
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<p>Estate Management Checklist</p>

Estate Management Checklist

Is your estate in order? This short quiz may help you assess your overall strategy.
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<p>Safeguard Your Digital Estate</p>

Safeguard Your Digital Estate

If you died, what would happen to your email archives, social profiles and online accounts?
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