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Stock Option Planning And Execution

Client Centered

How can you extract the greatest value from your stock-based compensation to boost your net worth and improve your financial future?

Understanding your company program, including your rights and options under it, is key.

Knowing when and how to exercise vested options involves complicated considerations regarding the potential for fluctuations in the underlying stock price, expiration dates, tax implications and more.  WEALTH VISION ADVISORS LLC® can help you determine the most advantageous strategy, including assessment of reinvesting proceeds in a tax sensitive diversified investment program. You’ll also want to understand big-picture concerns, such as how your stock-based compensation and other employer benefits will impact your financial future, including your retirement and estate planning.

We help our clients with stock-based compensation learn more about their employee stock option choices and properly plan around them, leveraging opportunities to reduce the associated tax consequences.

How Stocks Work

How Stocks Work

Understanding how a stock works is key to understanding your investments.